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Get excited for another car edition of The Chalene Show!!! Chalene has recorded this episode safely from the diver’s seat while parked.

The car editions are special unedited and spoken straight from of the heart. We hope you like it because if you do Chalene will be releasing these on Fridays!!

If you are a critical parent or you had critical parents this episode is for you!

After leaving a sporting event and the things she witnessed, made her realize that for so many people all the fear of failure and self-doubt most likely came from our parents.

Chalene shares with you what she witnessed at a high school track meet and the awful way a parent reacted to their own child.

Chalene gives her option and observations of what parents can do to give their children confidence and set them up to excel as adults.

Through Chalene’s own coaching programs of adult business owners who were stuck and not moving forward in their businesses, she found that so many of them still held the false belief that they were failures or not worthy of success. And with so many people it was discovered that those false beliefs could be traced back to the way they were raised or the things that were said to them by their parents.

Chalene gives you some tips on how and what to say as parents to help raise strong, confidant and success adults.

If you are an adult raised with critical parents this episode may give you some insight on why you may at times feel like a failure or not worthy of success.

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