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The Chalene Show | Diet, Fitness & Life Balance

Mar 30, 2015

What's the difference between "being on a diet" and "having a diet"? Are you addicted to dieting? How can you get the right mindset to start exercising and stay healthy? Chalene answers all of these questions in today's episode and leaves you with the information and motivation to take control of your eating habits and...

Mar 24, 2015

No two people are alike. It's a phrase we've all heard before, but we don't often take the time to really consider what that means. Some are "morning people" and others are "night owls" and, in today's episode, Chalene tells us how we can use these differences to our advantage. It's all about identifying who you are and...

Mar 20, 2015

In this episode you’ll learn the two essential steps that are required to create the kind of focus that allows you to get more done in half the amount of time, distress, and feel peace at the end of the day!

This is a companion episode to an episode release earlier this week entitled - “How to Organize Your Brain”...

Mar 18, 2015

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Mar 13, 2015

What would you do with an extra 60 hours a year? Would you sleep? Would you work on a new project? Would you spend more time with your family? Well, if you create some basic systems in your life, you can easily get 60 hours back by just saving 10 minutes a day from now until the end of the year. Save 30 minutes a day...