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The Chalene Show | Diet, Fitness & Life Balance

Dec 30, 2022

Do you feel like it may be time to update your look, but afraid to try something new? 

Chalene doesn’t claim to be a beauty expert, but she has certainly learned a lot by watching the experts (and implementing). Today, she’ll share how to tweak what some of the younger ladies are doing to fit your...

Dec 28, 2022

Before Chalene sets goals for the New Year, she feels it’s super beneficial to take a look back on the past year and take inventory — what went really well, not so well, as planned and not so planned. 

Chalene would love for you to follow along and do your own year in review, too! She’ll provide the steps and...

Dec 26, 2022

You’re in for a special holiday season treat as Chalene shares this exclusive episode from Patreon: The Vault Level!

Chalene and Bret both, individually, recollect and reveal how they met at Michigan State and almost weren’t a couple.

They feel it’s important you hear both versions of their story (hence, they...

Dec 23, 2022

Join Chalene and family for a ride in their Uber in NYC as they chat about all the things, including: having people pay tribute to you (while you’re still alive), how they do conversations around the dinner table, all the drama surrounding Marge and Bill’s (Chalene’s parents) flight getting canceled, Bret needing...

Dec 21, 2022

How do you feel about the holidays? Nostalgic one minute and completely stressed out the next? Guess what, you’re normal! Studies show that December tends to be the most stressful month for a lot of people.

In today’s episode, Chalene shares unconventional ways, tips and tricks to reduce stress. And even if December...