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The Chalene Show | Diet, Fitness & Life Balance

Mar 24, 2023

Friday’s are undergoing a bit of a format improvement. Now you’ll get a fully personal episode on Wednesdays and Fridays. I'll invite people on the show who are willing to go there to have REAL TALK! 

Today’s episode includes a raw conversation with business and health expert Jennifer Cohen. We talk about what it means to be BOLD! 

Here’s what else you’ll get: 

  • How I may have been the target of a sex trafficking scheme gone wrong 
  • Your feedback on this weeks episodes
  • Renting a house in Miami
  • The #almondmom 
  • How girls can be influenced by their mother’s obsession with health and fitness
  • Orthorexia 
  • Are pet peeves about the current health and fitness environment
  • Why I left consumer fitness
  • Re-branding yourself
  • Arthur Fonzarelli The Fonz
  • How to spot a scammer
  • Authenticity in marketing
  • What it means to be courageous, action oriented, tenacious, persistent and audacious 
  • How anyone can develop the skills to be bold in their personal and or professional life
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  • Follow Jen on Instagram @therealjencohen
  • Watch Jen’s Ted Talk 



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