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Aug 29, 2022

While this episode is very important for everyone, it’s especially important if you have children in your life. Technology is such a normal thing today that even kids as young as 3 can navigate devices — like iPads or cellphones. Hence, it’s imperative to know how to keep them safe from the ugliness that can be found on the internet. 

Chalene’s guest is Fareedah Shaheed, a cyber security expert who specializes in keeping children and families safe online. They discuss which parental control apps are best, what you should do to ensure your kids are safe when gaming, the importance of securing your WiFi router with parental controls and SO MUCH MORE! 

The intention of this episode is not to scare you, but, rather, educate you! We must ensure the safety of our children and families.


Links from today’s episode:

Top Parental Control Apps 

Connect with Fareedah 



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