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The Chalene Show | Diet, Fitness & Life Balance

Oct 13, 2021

Most of us have, at least, heard of the 5 love languages. This notion comes from a book, titled: The 5 Love Languages, by Dr. Gary Chapman. He leans on his decades and decades of experience with pastoring and marriage counseling. The 5 Love Languages thesis isn’t exactly a scientific thing, but, rather, an observation. Knowing what your love language is — and taking the time to learn others’ — not only helps with romantic relationships, it helps ALL relationships.


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The 5 Love Languages:

1) Words of affirmation

The way you feel love is when people express their affection or appreciation for you / to you through either spoken or written words.

2) Acts of service

People show they respect you through their actions.

3) Receiving gifts

Expressing love and admiration for others by little symbolic gifts or gestures.

4) Quality time

Feeling recognized when people give you their undivided attention.

5) Physical touch

This is not necessarily what you’re thinking. It can be the touching of hands or a pat on the back.


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