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The Chalene Show | Diet, Fitness & Life Balance

Feb 28, 2018

I want you to up level. That's what we have to do in order to push ourselves to have better skills and expect more of ourselves. To up level is to see what is possible and believe it is achievable. For complete show note for this episode go to:

Stop dieting & start living:

Feb 26, 2018

There is really no such thing as a one sided relationship we all play some kind of roll in all relationships. Be careful that you are not just placing importance on the things you do in the friendship.

The great part about unbalanced friendships is that they can be dissolved very easily. But Make sure that’s what you...

Feb 23, 2018


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“I think you two are co-dependent” once said a wise therapist. Bret and I stared...

Feb 21, 2018


Do you have a morning routine? In this episode Chalene is going to share with you 4 easy tips to set yourself up for a successful day by preparing the night before with bedtime rituals that you can start implementing tonight. It is widely expected that the success of your day is determined of how you start your day in...

Feb 19, 2018


In this episode Chalene shares her experience with her recent 4 day fast. She will also share with you her experiences with the Ketogenic Diet and Exogenous Ketones.

If you have noticed the Ketogenic Diet is all the rage everywhere you look its Ketogenic this Ketogenic that!! Last you it was the Paleo Diet and before...