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The Chalene Show | Diet, Fitness & Life Balance

Feb 27, 2023

Today we explore TMS and the mind/body connection that may just be at the root of your chronic pain or frustrating conditions. Studies and medical discoveries show that certain personality types are prone to suppressed emotions causing conditions such as: TMJ, Sciatica, Plantar fasciitis, Frozen shoulder, Rotator cuff...

Feb 24, 2023

We spent the last five days experiencing senior living at the villages of Florida, a 55+ senior community, which recently has gone, viral on TikTok after rumors that residents, place different colored, loofahs on their golf carts, to signify their level of interest and experience in the swingers lifestyle. 

In this...

Feb 22, 2023

Welcome to Chalene’s newest installment in her What To Watch series!

Today, she’ll share a variety of streaming shows she 1) recently watched and 2) highly recommends. She’ll also explain why you may or may NOT like some of her suggestions. 

NOTE: Chalene does her best to give you all the correct info but - #ADHD...

Feb 20, 2023

Chalene is back with another episode of her mindset series, and this time she's joined by her amazing friend Aprille Franks. Chalene really looks up to Aprille for her unwavering self-confidence and positive attitude. Aprille is all about empowering women to discover their own greatness, without feeling pressured to...

Feb 17, 2023

Chalene is feeling a bit like a rolling stone and chats about what is going on with travel plans and her money mindset around it, binge shopping on packing items, how her goal of getting more sleep is going and so much more. 



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