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Dr. Sara Solomon is faced with a tough decision: continue giving time to her practice as a dentist or pursue her already successful online business. This choice hardly seem possible a mere 13 months ago - that's when Sara decided to take her passion for fitness and nutrition and turn it into a business. In that short amount of time, she's actually making more money from her home business than at the office. So, now what? Chalene talks to Sara about her history, her approach to business, and what's next. 

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Bad news: Motivating yourself to workout can be difficult (#duh). The good news is that, once you've driven to the gym or taken that first step on your run, everything else will be a piece of cake! In this episode, Chalene gives you the motivation you need to get moving. She talks about physical and emotional health, family, friends, music... anything and everything that will help you fulfill your fitness goals. This isn't about being a world-class athlete, this is about being healthy and happy. Let's get to it!

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James Altucher is somebody who prides himself on honesty - both being honest with those around him and, more importantly, being honest with himself. This commitment to the truth has helped him become a successful businessperson, blogger, and podcast host (The James Altucher Show). Chalene and James speak very openly about the struggles of figuring out what's best for you and how to move forward. In addition to James' success and his honesty… he's just a nice guy who you're going to love.

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Today's episode is about all of the reasons that you MUST start your own online business. It's not just about financial security, it's also an investment in your own happiness. Do you have a special skill or hobby that you love working on? What is that one passion that you could spend hours and hours talking about? Well, there is a market out there that wants you, but first - you've got to get yourself online! Chalene talks you through the the why's and some of the how's of getting your future up and running.

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Let's face it: Likable people have an easier time getting ahead than others. This is because people prefer to be around someone they like, rather than someone they don't. #duh. While that might sound like bad news for some, the good news is that "being likable" is a skill - that means you can practice and learn it! In today's episode, Chalene gives you 5 quick tips that will help you nail that interview, get that promotion, or just be more comfortable around other people and at parties.

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Get ready for an important discussion on eating and nutrition with expert Darin Olien. Darin, sometimes known as "the Indiana Jones of Superfoods", has scoured the globe finding the foods that can make a real difference in our lives. Chalene asks him about what's available on the market, what we know for sure, and how he got into this whole industry in the first place. This episode is jam-packed with delicious information, so it's probably time you start listening.

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In today's episode, Chalene speaks with financial expert, Mel Abraham, about ways to keep yourself accountable as you prepare for your future and the future of your loved ones. Mel is able to show how easy it can be to determine your budget and then some tips for sticking to it - he's got some amazing facts that will help keep you on track. Chalene and Mel also discuss ways to have your money make money for you - no matter how much or little you have. Now is the time to start saving those pennies! (After, of course, you listen to this episode.)

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Chalene Johnson speaks with Lewis Howes about his journey from broke and sleeping on his sister's couch to succesful podcast host, lifestyle coach, and public speaker. It's truly an amazing story that you simple have to hear to believe. Also, Lewis shares some of the best advice he's gleaned from the guests on his popular podcast, The School of Greatness

If you haven't listened to the previous episode, "Get Over Your Past", we strongly recommend you go back and listen to that first. It really helps capture the journey that Lewis has been through.

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Chalene speaks with Lewis Howes about the extreme challenges he faced as a child and the path he's taken to, not just cope with adversity, but grow into a successful and happy adult. Lewis is the host of the popular podcast, The School of Greatness, and he's made a successful career for himself as a public speaker and a personal lifestyle coach. Chalene and Lewis delve deep into some experiences that Lewis went through, but those events aren't even half of the story. Make sure to download the next Chalene Show episode, "Your Adversity is Your Advantage" , to hear Lewis' journey to success.

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If you have a teenager, will have a teenager, know a teenager, or if YOU are a teenager, then this is a must-hear episode. Chalene speaks with Josh Shipp about ways to engage and interact with teenagers. Josh knows what he's talking about - he's been on 20/20, CNN, TNT... he knows his stuff and he gives Chalene some great suggestions to reach out to the teenager in your life. Also, Chalene asks Josh some questions that her listeners asked on Facebook.

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