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The Chalene Show | Diet, Fitness & Life Balance

Feb 21, 2018


The Chalene Show is Brought to You by:  The 131 Hydration System, Did you know the average person rarely hits their recommended daily water intake? Dehydration can lead to unwanted symptoms like headaches, inflammation, overeating, and a whole slew of health problems. Staying hydrated and getting the amount of water your body needs each day results in glowing skin, a happy gut, and a healthy body!


Do you have a morning routine?


In this episode Chalene is going to share with you 4 easy tips to set yourself up for a successful day by preparing the night before with bedtime rituals that you can start implementing tonight.


It is widely expected that the success of your day is determined of how you start your day in the morning.


Successful people have a morning routine.


Chalene shares with you what her morning routine used to look like and what it looks like now.


Do you establish an agenda the next day the night before?


Do you use a physical daily planner?


Do you look at emails or social media first thing in the morning?


What morning habits do you have?


Do you wake up in the morning excited about something?


Do you want your life to look and feel better in 30 days?


Do you drink enough water?


Do you schedule you workout?


Do you workout first thing in the morning?


Do you get enough sleep?


Listen to this episode to find out what morning routine will set you up for success!!


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